Are you suffering from tight muscles, neck or back pain, repetitive strain injuries or soreness?

Individual sports like running and cycling and team sports like football and rugby take it out on our bodies. Muscles get pulled, tendons get strained and sprained. We get sore!

Sports massage therapy offers stress release and can help relieve headaches and migraines. It can improve muscle tightness, muscular atrophy and speeds up the injury recovery process.




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Our aim is “To revitalise and restore our clients, helping them to be the best they can possibly be.”

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UPDATED 29/03/22

Having been a keen footballer, cyclist, swimmer, track and field competitor and distance runner over the years, Carl has always been passionate about the overall benefits of physical activities, training, eating healthily and managing decent fitness levels.

Carl decided to study and train to be a practitioner in Sports Massage Therapy, as like many other sports orientated individuals Carl has in the past suffered from common niggles and injuries and felt the desire to help people avoid getting repeatedly sore or injured.

Carl studied with the Sports Massage Academy, reputably the best and currently the UK’s leading provider of Sports Massage and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

Graduate from Sports Massage Academy

Graduating with a National Diploma at level 3 and level 4, Carl is a fully insured (with Balens) professional practitioner, and is able to analyse posture and asymmetry, plus assess, treat and provide a video rehabilitation plan for common and not so common injuries. Carl has also completed various CPD courses giving him a greater scope by being able to offer traditional and up to date treatments.

Some injuries can be a quick fix, whilst others need to be managed over time with maintenance treatments coupled with “back to activity” advice, exercises and stretches which form the rehabilitation program, the main focus being on correct and balanced movement wherever possible. 

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Is Sports & Remedial Massage therapy just for sports people or is it for everyone?

 ** It’s not just athletes that we treat **

The main aim is to get you “back on track” in the shortest possible time and reduce the chance of the problem recurring.

The techniques and special tests Carl has learnt can benefit virtually everyone who may be suffering from injury, muscular aches, pains and strains.

The key to finding out exactly why a client has a problem is to establish the actual cause of it.

Potential causes where an athlete is concerned can be over training for example.

Excessive frequency, intensity, duration and type of activities can equate to overuse if the body is not prepared for the increase, so the same can apply to anyone, athlete or not, as can incorrect posture.

General problems may arise from: Certain occupational movements, inactivity, occupational and hobby related repetitive movements and physical demands, sleeping and relaxing positions, in fact there can be many other factors, including ill – fitting footwear, an imbalance of posture in hobby activities or sporting pursuits which can lead to muscle shortening/lengthening as well as altered joint mechanics. F

There are a multitude of conditions and injuries that can benefit from Massage Therapy.

It can improve back and neck pain, tackle repetitive strain injuries, benefits as stress relief, lessens migraines and headaches, detoxify, and increase blood flow as well as assisting with injury repair.

For a comprehensive explanation of the ways massage can help please take a look at “MASSAGE AND ITS BENEFITS” 🔗 in our MENU.

What to expect and what to wear at the initial appointment?

From the moment you arrive you’ll be treated with respect, courtesy, professionalism and your dignity will be assured.

You’ll be requested to wear loose fitting clothing such as shorts and a T shirt  depending on the reason for your visit, so please bare this in mind. Freshly laundered towels are strategically placed to preserve modesty.

Please allow around 60+ minutes for the initial consultation as a postural assessment and client confidentiality record form will need to be completed which can take up to 15 minutes.

During the threat of Covid-19 we will try to reduce the “in clinic” consultation time by collecting as much information via email prior to your physical appointment.

*Important: If your GP or a Healthcare Professional has referred you for treatment you’ll need to bring a referral letter with you to your appointment, a copy of which will then be kept on file.*

Prior to any treatment, your medical history and any possible contraindications will need to be recorded for your safety.

The treatment process will be discussed with you prior to any physical examination or assessment.

The consultation will give you the opportunity to explain and discuss the reasons for your visit, ask any questions, be involved in the treatment planning process and agree to the examination procedure by recording your signature on the client record form.

Honest answers will be required to assure the best possible treatment and importantly, for your safety.

Your client record form will be kept confidentially and securely as per the Data Protection Act. (PLEASE ALSO SEE OUR PRIVACY POLICY 🔗 ). It would only be shared with your consent to a fellow professional with your permission should the need arise.


We’re extremely pleased to have our own dedicated clinic next to the Church in Gayton PE32 1PF – close to King’s Lynn, central to Swaffham, Downham Market, Fakenham and the Norfolk Coast. 

 Are we able to treat you in your own home?

MOBILE TREATMENTS ARE CURRENTLY UNDER CONSIDERATION. PLEASE ASK IF WE’RE ABLE TO HELP. nb. The working area would need to be large enough for the couch, and for Carl to be able to walk around it unimpeded. *An additional charge will be applied to cover fuel and travel time expenses.*

How should you contact us/make an appointment, and what will you need to let us know initially? 

  Please email: or call 07773773195, 

leaving your name, phone number, email address and the reason for your visit.  We will endeavour to contact you at the first opportunity.

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