Testimonials updated 01/10/2021


“I decided to contact Carl as I was looking for a practitioner who’d be able to help me maintain equilibrium as I’m an endurance runner.

My problems were running related: Tight glutes and lower back, a sore knee, tight ankles/feet and toes as well as tight calves, back and shoulders.

Carl’s approach at the initial appointment was very different to what I’d experienced from other related practitioners. I really liked his manner, his attitude towards my problems and the effective way he diagnosed. He was able to pin point what he thought was causing multiple symptoms.

The Coronavirus procedure and precautions left me feeling safe and well cared for. They were spot on and I was unable to fault them.

Carl talked me through fine tuning my running posture which may help and prescribed some tailor made exercises and stretches, plus he recommended that I bought a piece of apparatus to assist them.

A month down the line I now have no pain, my ankle is looser and my turnover is smoother. I’ve felt really good, feeling able to concentrate on my training and my 5k and half marathon training times have improved since I saw him.”

“Thank you very much Carl – I’m impressed and very happy. Top job!”

Gary Bligh, UK Athletics Events Level Endurance Coach.


“I contacted Carl to ask if he could help with an injury, stressing that it was urgent. He was able to see me the same day. After carrying out  thorough postural and physical assessments, he was able to ascertain what the injury was and gave me a comprehensive yet easy to understand summary of his findings, advising on how to manage the injury.

I was delighted with his approachable manner. The knowledge and professionalism he demonstrated throughout the appointment was exemplary.

As an athlete that has represented Great Britain in age group Duathlon and selected to run for England Masters 2020, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carl’s services.”

Matthew Allen, EUROPEAN standard age group Duathlon Bronze medalist 2019. 


“I went to Carl with a very tight and sore back which stopped me from running and going to the Gym. Carl’s treatment was amazing”.

“He was friendly and professional, giving me a thorough examination before doing the massage. Wonderfully, it sorted the issue in one session. Highly recommended”.

 Andy, King’s Lynn


“My neck had been troubling me for some time. I was waking up in the night and was really stuggling with the pain when driving”.

“Following the treatment and advice given by Carl, the problem eased significantly in one treatment and I’m very happy to recommend him.”

 Helen, Gayton


“I had noticed that when I was running my calf felt very sore and tight. One Saturday , half a mile into Parkrun I had to stop running due to the pain”.

“After just 3 treatments by Carl and following an exercise and stretching plan tailor made to my requirements I returned to running pain free. I’d like to recommend Carl”.

Jeff, Gayton.


“Carl gave me a thorough assessment, carried out with a friendly and professional approach. The massage was just at the right pressure and my needs were understood and catered for by Carl”.

“I’d certainly recommended him”.

John, King’s Lynn.


“I asked Carl to help my son as he’d been suffering from a recurring foot injury whilst running. He carried out a comprehensive and thorough physical examination on him and soon identified what he thought may have been the causes of his problems”.

“Carl recommended some strengthening exercises and a change of running trainers, advising me which type I should buy. My son felt happy and comfortable during the assessment at all times”.

“My son has had no further issues whatsoever and I’m pleased to say that he is running confidently and on fire again!”

“I would definitely recommend Carl”.

Adam, King’s Lynn