Post treatment Carl can prescribe REHABILITATION VIDEOS via an intuitive and easy to use exercise prescription software facility.

Chosen by many UK physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and sports therapists we know how valuable this is to Carl’s clients coupled with treatment. 

Carl has at his convenience a choice of more than 2,500 different exercises complete with easy to follow HD videos- created by leading experts in physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and sports rehabilitation. 

All of the exercises rep’s and sets are adapted to the individual needs of each of his clients. 

The exercises can be viewed on any computer, tablet or phone. 

With only a few clicks you can view your full exercise plan and practice the exercises whilst watching an easy to follow video! 

So very much easier than looking at a faded PDF print, and you get to keep them for as long as you need!

Ever client has benefited from using this complimentary service thus far!