Musculoskeletal & post operative

Musculoskeletal Therapy, Massage and Audiovisual Rehabilitation

Carl has extensive experience in this field gained from working as an NHS  Physiotherapy aassistant Practitioner.

*Please don’t hesitate to ask should you need assistance with improving your joints Range Of Motion post operation, eg Total or Partial hip Orkney replacement.*

Musculoskeletal therapy (MSK Therapy) is similar to Physiotherapy in that it uses movement and function,  but MSK Therapy adopts a more hands-on approach to assist with a wide range of issues such as: Muscle & Joint injuries;  Disorders & diseases that can affect joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons; Sports injuries such as joint pain; Complex pain conditions such as arthritis and problems after some surgical procedures including total joint replacement.

MSK treatment involves a combination of massage and manipulation techniques, functional rehabilitation to relieve pain and increase mobility, reducing pain and increasing mobility whilst enabling you to get back to hobbies, activities and work, quickly and safely. 

A Physiotherapy based Audiovisual Rehabilitation prescription sent to your email inbox post treatment will enable you to see exactly how to perform the exercises and how many rep’s and sets youll need to perform.